green-multi-purpose-cleaner-commercialPRIDEClean® Green Multipurpose Cleaner

Safer Choice certified. No Ammonia. No Phosphates. Biodegradable. Non VOC. Our Multipurpose Cleaner quickly cuts through dirt, grease and grime. Safe to use on multiple surfaces from the kitchen to the bathroom, including counters, appliances, stainless steel, chrome, cook tops, sinks and toilets.

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About The Products

Individuals and organizations are increasingly demanding eco-friendly, high performance cleaning products at a reasonable cost.

The PRIDEClean® product line is the result of an exclusive agreement with a custom blender/manufacturer to meet those requirements. To ensure the ‘greenest’ green, the products were designed to the stringent standards of the EPA's Safer Choice program.

PRIDEClean® products contain no ammonia, no toxic by-products, and are biodegradable. PRIDEClean® products cut through grease, dirt, soil and stains, leaving surfaces spotless and residue free.

Good-for-the-earth, economical, high-performance products that can clean up after soldiers, travelers, children and teenagers – now available to you!